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Discovery Consulting Services provides consulting services for enterprises, schools, businesses and institutions.  Our focus is on project management for process, organizational alignments, workflow and technology optimization.  We also provide service in business continuity planing and execution.  We are able to assist in keeping you current and on track to face competition and challenges that are ever-present today.  

The rapid changing environment and dependency on technology offers mind boggling challenges to complete this massive undertaking. Technology should serve as a cost reduction in most processes along with maximizing the efficiency of personnel resource.  This has been proven in recent engagements.

SCHOOL AND BUSINESS EMERGENCY ALERTS - Discovery Consulting Services have embarked on a new task to find a cost effective solution for disaster alerts in schools and business's using existing technology.  We believe we have properly solutioned this problem and are offering this solution.  This is the site where a short film is presented explaining at a high level what Punch Alert is.


Discovery Consulting has the ability to deliver favorable results in cost reduction and/or optimization of resources, normally in a condensed period of time because of the experience level deployed, and selection process of individuals to accomplish the task.  We perform knowledge transfer to our clients for assurance that goals will continue to be met after project completion.

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2-way radios and teaming up with partners (2:52 PM, 03/06/2014)

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Discovery Consulting Services has partnered with SJJASSOCIATES in acquiring and deploying 2-way radios in a cost effective manner.  Please contact us on this new offering as it will save you money.  We will assess your needs prior to offering any solutions.  You will find our offering more than competitive and with remarkable service and turn-a-round time. 

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Discovery Sessions (10:32 AM, 11/17/2012)

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How would your company like to save over $1,000,000 in expense?

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