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Read more to find out what Discovery Consulting Services has been doing, especially in Project Managment and emergency notification systems.  We have also embarked on such things as hardware/software replacement, SharePoint rollouts, etc.  A core competency has been Business Continuity.  The approach is unique transferring the ownership to the client where it belongs.  The offering is a cost effective solution for business continuity.

Discovery Sessions

Posted by John Anheier (janheier) on Jun 24 2011
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Discovery Consulting Services has an offering that has proven to be beneficial to many companies.  Let us come into your company, take a look at print, phone, copy, communications, etc. or any other area that you wish for us to look.  ie contracts, etc.  Our combined experience in the business exceeds over 100 years!!!!  We KNOW where there is "low hanging fruit" and can point this out to you and you resolve, or we can assist in the resolution of these items discovered. 

Pay our consulting fees plus expenses for a given time, and we can save you money!!! 

Call today!!!


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