Discovery Consulting Services


Many companies today, ignore this process because of the perceived "cost".  Excuses given (but not limited to) are:

1.  "We are in an area where disasters just do not happen".

2.  "The juice is not worth the squeeze"

3.  "If a disaster happens, so what?  We are insured".

Now the real truth of business continuity and it's meaning.  Business interruption such as a key person taking ill for an extensive, or even a short period of time; building is closed bue to HVAC failure, etc.  How do you keep your company going?  Where is your plan?  Has it been tested and updated for effectiveness?  What is "normal business operations"?


Most companies offer business continuity and disaster recovery (today could be incident management), where they write the documentation, do the testing, and hand it over to you with a nice bill!!!  In the event of a disaster, will you know what to do (besides read the manual they gave you)?  Are you REALLY going to call them and expect them to respond when something happens?


Assuming your answer is no, then YOU will accept the fact that you do own the process and need to know and rehearse (test) the proper way to proceed.


Another way of looking at this is the flat tire Syndrome.  That is, MOST cars have a spare tire.  How many people can actually change the tire?  How may people have checked the spare to make sure there is air in it?  Have you ever used the jack or even know where it is?  Business Continuity is the same.  It can be there and everone can breathe a sign of relief, however, DOES IT WORK EFFECTIVELY?  Has it been tested periodically?  Has it changed when required (new applications, people leaving, etc).  If you can answer yest to that, you may have the start of a good BCP!!!


Discovery Consulting Services as developed a model that works!!!  You, as a company will participate and the end product will be YOUR product and not ours.  We will facilitate and guide you in the right direction, providing you the necessary forms and tools for risk assessment, etc.  Due to this fact, you can initiate and create a world class BCP  plan, ind if tested adequately, along with the necessary updating, you will be able to perform "business as normal" no matter what the interruption.


Give us a call and let us show you how we can do this inexpensively but extremely effective!!!